Post Degree Show

Coming up with a great one-line start to this post is a tricky one. After four years at DJCAD, my Degree Show has just come to an end, and Uachdar has been packed away into the car ready for a trip home.

Firstly I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to see my show. Having people be so interested in my work and be so lovely as to come and see it, after being my support all year, was more exciting and wonderful than the whole of the show itself. So thank you very much.

Uachdar was (thankfully) very well received, which was a boost after a whole year of working on it. I hope to publish my Look Book created for the project with Janet Stephen on issuu soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you didn’t get to see it in person. The whole project has given me a great appreciation for the craft of furniture and specifically bespoke furniture, and I’d love to carry on my exploration of joinery and woodwork, should I be fortunate to have the chance to. For now though, I am going back home to work in the Watermill that I love, and to gather up content gradually for a magazine that would be my dream to publish. The idea is still in the early stages, however I am patient and believe that good things take time – I’m excited to meet new creative people and to tell the stories of the wonderful artists and designers that I already know (a hint to the type of magazine I want to produce!).

After a scarily quick take down of Degree Show, today brought a chance to have some creative freedom, fun, and pizza. Social Digital were lucky enough to be involved in Young Scot and Creative Scotland’s project, Our Shared World. The project aims to bring creative youngsters together from across the globe, and the team behind the project came to Social Digital to get some ideas on how this could be done. In a relaxed design sprint, my coursemate Jena and I designed what could humorously be described as a mash up of design, Eurovision and Skype.
Our concept involved capital cities across the globe hosting “Design Carnivals”, where young creatives would gather in their hundreds, surrounded by large screens which showed real time footage of other countries participating, to be set a design brief which would be “solved” in 10 minutes. Solutions to the brief would be streamed across the globe (in 20 seconds Pecha Kucha style) whilst live Twitter feeds allowed all participants globally to converse and feedback on each other’s ideas. Perhaps a wacky concept. One, however, which was admired for being bold, celebratory and social – an enticing way to engage the young creative community whilst creating friendships worldwide.

Thanks to Andrew Cook, Young Scot and Creative Scotland for hosting such a fun, relaxed day of design. Though I am moving back home (where there is a sad lack of art and design community) I hope to get to more design days in the future.

Thanks again for all the support, and keep checking up on my blog to see what creative influences my home has on me. I imagine there will be lots of photography and writing to come… Take care.

– J


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