The Boom Room / Boom Saloon 003

Displacement can mean a multitude of things to a multitude of minds. Boom Saloon‘s latest installment, 003, is fashioned from beautifully crafted responses to the theme of Displacement in the form of elegant, yet evocative, words alongside truly jaw-dropping photography. An issue which I really do urge you to sit, take time, and read, if you get the chance.

As I write, soft, low light trickles into my room and reflects off of my blue walls to create an air of hazy aqua shades, mirroring Boom 003’s stunning cover, shot by Dawit N. M. and expertly printed on the finest paper stock by J Thompson. Attention to detail of finish is just one of the reasons why Boom Saloon is one of my favourite publications. The rest falls down to the content, and most importantly the hard work by the Boom Team to use creativity to “inspire and empower“.

Following opening credits, contents and editors notes, bold peach pages introduce the first article; one that I can’t stop going back to. Photographer Ruairidh McGlynn explores Scotland’s isolated mountain bothies and their environment, framing them as works of art in landscapes which often swallow them whole. Textures of stone walls feel tangible, and crashing coastal waves can almost be heard, through a selection of images which sit beautifully upon uncoated pages.

From here, striking use of type and composition guides you gently through Boom 003, desaturated yet vibrant imagery adding highlights and further narration. Features and articles speak such diverse words, yet are bound together tightly by careful editing and curation. Several corners of the earth are touched on in the most intriguing ways, and a universe of ideas are conjured. The most important idea to feature within the whole of the magazine however, has to be the work of the second Boom Project. Rachel Arthur, editor, tells the story of the exciting and empathetic project, which used creativity to connect those who are displaced – yet not by choice – in Glasgow. The result of the project (alongside new friendships, new creative opportunity, connected memories, changed attitudes and more) is a t-shirt collection designed by talented young refugees. Each t-shirt has been designed in such a way as to tell a story or communicate an unheard voice, and benefits more than just those involved in the project – for every t-shirt sold, one will be donated to Refuweegee, and a donation to Spoon Café’s Pay It Forward scheme will be made. The project is ultimately the definition of Boom Saloon’s aim;

“[to] democratise[s] creativity for good.”

Reading the story of Boom Project 002 told so truthfully, documenting inevitable highs and lows, reminds one of just how creativity can bring people together, even in times when the term Displacement can be pinned to so many of today’s social situations and happenings.

Through taking time to read Boom 003, my own case of subconscious case of displacement was solved – I was inspired to stretch myself from falling into the routine of becoming a 9-5 waitress, and to instead find the time to place myself back into the realms of creative practice. Thank you.

– J




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