Counterpoint / Sleep

Quarterly, lovers of print and independent journalism are treated to a new issue of Counterpoint, a magazine edited by Bethany Thompson and Sam Bradley, compiled of risograph printed illustrations and stories around chosen themes. The latest issue, printed at Out of The Blueprint – be sure to check them out – in tri-colour risograph dips into the dreamy world of Sleep.

Pulling the creative talents of various writers and illustrators, Counterpoint magazine never disappoints on both visual and written levels. With each issue, the cover alone uses colour and shape to create a piece good enough to be hung in a gallery as a standalone; this issue’s beautiful cover art by Cat Finnie taking inspiration from ideas conjured in Hamlet. Inside the tactile, recycled paper covers lie wonders, this time printed in teal, fluorescent pink and black and accented throughout by an illustrated story of the process of falling asleep, by Bethany Thompson.

Stephen Lepitak explores just how much distractions from our phones and devices affect our (not so)peaceful slumber, and urges us to try and rediscover the value of sleep, whilst Conor Nolan draws an all-too familiar bedtime scenario to accompany Lepitak’s thoughts. The article provides a potential New Years resolution, in reminding us how important it is to put down the phone and relax without the notification beeps and screen glares that ring through our daily routines; a gentle reminder to look after our own wellbeing as well as our social media presence.

Bold typography leads the reader through speckled pages, with uniquenesses in print that conjure sounds of printers humming softly and colour-splashed pages gliding out the other side to be caught by waiting trays. Before it’s time to “REST YOUR HEAD”, a game of questions sorts the Haunted Insomniacs from the Go Getters.

Perfectly designed beds are discussed by Sam Bradley with Product Designer Yesul Jang, Maria Stoian tells of the weirdest dream she’s had, and the secrets of how to control the subconscious marvel of lucid dreams are revealed in an issue of Counterpoint that woke up sleepy ideas and inspired creativity.

For more on Counterpoint, check out their website.

– J

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