Act Locally with Creative Dundee

From 2018 to 2019, Creative Dundee hosted Act Locally events, provoking thought and discussion on the theme of inequality in local society and the actions that can be taken in the future.

I was delighted to work with the Creative Dundee team (in particular Sam Gonçalves, Digital Editor at the time) to create visuals behind the campaign. This included an exclusive zine, bringing together musings from a number of writers, paired with design and visual aspects that married the rigidity and form of newspaper layouts and the DIY, punk nature of protest typography. The zine can be viewed on issuu.

Additionally, I designed a poster for the live event. Importantly, the poster was to draw inspiration from scenes in Dundee, and introduce an element of hope and forward-thinking for the future through colour. The final poster is shown below, alongside an unused concept.

To see more concepts, or to discuss zines, get in touch.

Act Locally poster
An unused concept for the poster
The Act Locally zine

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