Blair Atholl Watermill Zine

Blair Atholl Watermill Zine

Blair Atholl Watermill is one of Scotland’s last working Watermills, grinding locally sourced wholemeal wheat and oatmeal (grown without the use of pesticides) and baking delicious bread, cakes and more, to be served in the tearoom which inhabits the old grain store. Dating back to the 15th Century, and being renovated in the 1970s, the Watermill has many stories to tell. To assist in such storytelling, I was commissioned to create a table-talker in the style of a zine.

Working alongside Rami Cohen (baker at the time) and Kirsty Bruce, whose family have owned the Watermill business since the 1990s, we created a sustainable zine showcasing the intricacies of the Watermill’s baked produce.

I designed the zine and provided photography, whilst the Watermill team created written content. The zine was risograph printed in Leith by Out of The Blueprint, a social enterprise. Alongside their sustainability values and ethics, using such a social enterprise and supporting a Scottish printer was deeply important to the Blair Atholl Watermill team.

To this day, the zine continues to delight visitors from all corners of the country, reading the stories and ethics behind the baked produce that they enjoy in the Watermill tearoom.

A booklet sits atop a tearoom table. The booklet is grey, with blue risograph text on the front saying 'Blair Atholl Watermill'.
The finished zine in the Watermill tearoom
Detail of a risograph printed blue W, on grey speckled paper.
Risograph detail

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